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What kitchen do you need? Is a renovation or a new work? Any idea of what you are looking for or not yet? What style suits you best?

Our professionals will help solve all your doubts. Our team of interior designers will guide you at every step in developing the design of your kitchen.

On your first visit to our studio you will see the different exhibition kitchens where you will appreciate the qualities, fittings, interior equipment furniture, brands and touch the different materials we work with. In order to help and inform you even more about new trends, styles, innovative materials...


Once you have visited our study we step further to the development of your new project.

You´ll get advice for the development of your kitchen, and with our way of working we guarantee you, the customer, will be totally involved in the development of the whole project.

We consider that every detail of your kitchen and bathroom must be totally explained in detail and checked on site. It is very important that you know at every step what we are planning and evaluating.


In order to carry out the project we require some measurements as guidelines for the work. For this, we can work with the construction plane or we can move personally to take measures for the further development of the project.


We need to know your personal tastes and priorities for the design of your new kitchen or bathroom.

At this step we make the choice of materials, finishes, door models for the furniture, appliances, etc.

At every step we will advise and keep you informed, so you know your choice is the right one and it fits the best with your needs.


After choosing the materials, finishes and appliances, our interior designers will be in charge of developing the design of your kitchen. If possible, we will show you several solutions to be presented at a second visit.

The solutions presented can always be modified, according to new needs and tastes that may arise. It is also possible to modify and adjust finishes a little more about the first idea in mind.


Once the design is decided we move on to calculate the cost of the budget. We will present a detailed budget, offering different alternatives in brands or materials for a wider range of possibilities.

The design and choice of materials always go hand in hand with the values presented.


Once we reach an agreement according to the final budget submitted, is when we turn out to the production of the contract. With this contract you will be provided with pictures of your kitchen or bath and payment terms will be agreed by both parties.


With a contract involving both parties, it is our responsibility to handle the project management of your kitchen or bathroom. We will make draughts of the installations, we will visit the working site to plan and we will manage all the necessary arrangements with other professionals who are working on the project.

We can also keep advising you on other aspects of the project related to your kitchen or bathroom, like the choice of materials for the floor, finishes for walls, installation companies, masonry work, etc.


A medida que va avanzando la obra nos vamos organizando para la fecha de instalación de tu cocina o baño.

As the work progresses we will establish a date of installation of your kitchen or bathroom.

In this late stage, the most important thing is to have a fully qualified and organized team of professionals for the agreed installation. In this final process of your project our priorities are the deadlines, cleanliness, efficiency, working tools and most important thing: seriousness. In these aspects we are convinced, thanks to customer feedback, we will fulfill all requirements.


The customer relationship does not end with the installation; in our after-sales service, which we take very seriously, is where every client can be sure they will get a strong and effective response to any issue that may arise after the installation of your kitchen or bathroom. To do this, Alipa Kitchens is supported by an entire team of professional and technical services brands.


Do not hesitate to contact Alipa, use our simple and fast form or just contact us directly.